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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Sprung, May 31, 2002.

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    Ya know, it is no wonder the kids today are the way the are...

    I am in apartment maintenance, and I had to do some work in an apartment this afternoon. The resident had the stereo on, playing (I suppose) a CD. It was hip hop/rap, and the song went like this...

    "Fuc* Me Against the Wall, Fuc* Me Against the Wall, Fuc* Me Against the Wall..."

    My first thought was, "Man this person has young kids." But, after that song was over, the next one was...

    "Oh, my skirt's up over my head again...."

    I am guessing at the song titles, because the chorus was all I heard. I can't believe people listen to that cRAP, let alone play the stuff with kids around.

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    The kids today are in a sad state at times...but they are also getting alot smarter then we were in alot of areas due to teaching starting younger and being more pointed towards future education and career rather then general knowledge (think about it how much crap from high school do you use at your job other then the usual math skills?)

    I hate to admit it, but I use to listen to alot of "bad" music, I've watched sex and violence shows on HBO since the age of 5-6 and I even hung out with some bad apples....the thing is alot of kids now just go with the flow...despite the few times I got in trouble I can NEVER remember one instance where I did it because of a song or where I tried it because I saw it on TV. So I'm never one to blame music, tv, etc...I'd more quickly point my fingers at the parents who don't talk to or even attempt to notice their kids behaviors =/
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    Important word here: discipline

    Parents don't dole it out enough when it's needed. Teachers can't even punish kids. Did you all hear about the teacher that got fired for failing an entire class because they cheated? The parents threatened a lawsuit, so the school fired the teacher. How pathetic is that?