The Spirit of John Lennon

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    Has anyone bought the dvd of “The Spirit of John Lennon”? I am planning to buy it.

    Imagine, if only John Lennon can talk from the spiritual world, what could be his message to the world or maybe to Yoko Ono? John Lennon is without a doubt, one of the brilliant minds in the music industry who was taken away tragically. Many people would have loved to know what was going on inside his head and would have loved to ask him questions that were left unanswered. This documentary features a séance that was conducted by famed psychics in an attempt to communicate with the former Beatles member. You’d be amazed how an Indian Guru communicated with John Lennon and obtained a song of peace from the singer. It will warm your heart and you’d definitely feel John Lennon’s presence. The documentary also highlights questions that were asked by Lennon’s friends during channeling. Some questions were “If you are still alive, what band will you join?” and “Did you feel that God was channeling a message to you that’s why Beatles was so successful? Find out John Lennon’s answer from another world.