The sims hotdate expansion on my winxp pro...plz read, and help

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by DAZZ, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. DAZZ

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    why doesn't the sims hotdate expansion work on my computer...the original sims works... and when i install hotdate, and open it, every time i clcik on somthing i hear a little clcik, and nothing happens. i've tryed to ireinstall it, and uninstall the sims, and everything... does anyone knmow how to fix?
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    I had a similar issue with House Party on 98. If you try the House Party support page ( They maybe able to help you out. I had to change a few dll’s and install a patch. Hope it works for you.

    Mike Tasker
  3. JimGarb

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    Mine works fine. I installed everything and it works fine so I dont know what your problem is. I used to have the problem of the CD getting stuck in the drive but I resolved that when I updated my RAM for some reason.
  4. image2

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    This was what my problem was. Running WinXP Prof. Mine actually wanted the House Party CD... then it called for the Hot Date CD again.:D
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    I had a major problem when I was running win2k.. it would take all the update packs until Hot Date... well, Im running XP-pro now so I guess Ill see if it will install now.

    Will post results when I do.
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    Ok never mind. I have it installed now, but when I start it... I see splash screen, then nothing. No CDROM activity, no HD activity, it doesn't even show in the system monitor (applications or processes)! Anyone have this working? Am running WinXP prof, AMD AthlonXP 1600, Biostar M7VIB, 512MB DDR, GeForce2 Ti. :confused:
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    I faintly remember that there is someway to set the default priority... hmmm, can't remember how though. Anybody know a way. Possible it is not booting because it is too low on the priority list. Win98 didn't have that... just a thought.
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    Re: NUTS

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    I highly doubt this would work. In fact, raising the priority would possibly amplify the problem, possibly causing a lock-up or crash.

    Raising the priority can speed things up if the situation is right on the first place, but can make things worse if things arent ok. It's definitely not recommended to fix existing problems. People only raise priority settings to speed things up, and that about it. I've never heard of doing that to fix problems.
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    Thanks for the info. I do have a log file from MS compatibility tools. It says that Hot Date accesed the registry and the temp directory improperly. Not sure, but there are some tools where I may be able to fake it out. Most of the reg entries that it reads (illegaly) from are the XP skins, like the new scroll bars. I am going to be fiddleing with those settings tonight.
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    The SIMS, incl Hot Date works fine on XP

    so, Speed4Ever, your fine buying it for your kids. I've installed it on both my machines and both are XP and worked fine from day 1. Admittedly, I don't know why it isn't working for him, but it does run fine under XP. Is he using a game crack instead of the cd? Because there are no issues at all between the SIMS and XP that I have run into on either machine...
  13. image2

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    nope no cracks here. Using WinXP Corp. edition. All Sims CDs are store bought. And I did a low level format before installing WinXP. Just didn't work without being in Administrator....