The problems with all savage 4 cards

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by ~Dj.Diablo~, Apr 23, 2002.

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    Some of u have asked many times how to get a "stable" driver for xp with Savage 4/Savage 4 Pro/Savage 4 pro +. Well as u all know S3 makes the chipset for these cards and in july/oktober 2001 they got out of Buisnis for they money lack. So there are no updated drivers for the savage 4 chipsets from S3, u can download the win2k drivers 8.40.02 witch is the most stable driver for xp, but for new games like Mohaa and Ghost recon u cannot run stable with that driver. I make my own tweakend drivers and as soon as my server is clear i will post them on my web site. The problem u all get in games are open GL missing, this is a file called Metal.dll witch xp is missing in all the savage card drivers this makes the card unstable and crashes may occur.
    It doest matter if the card is from 3D Blaster, Gainward or aopen
    it's the chipset who counts. So all I can do his help u get the metal.dll and open Gl for Xp on this website. A litle warning while using phirax drivers the system can easily crash.

    Phirax Drivers for XP:

    This is an older Xp driver:

    The official page:

    The tweakend driver i use now:

    Another tweakend site:

    The ultimate Savage Page:

    JGC's Tweakend Site:

    Open Gl/Gl Direct witch supports XP:

    Hope u get the right driver for ur copy of Xp, if none of this drivers work there is nothing else to do than either go back to Win Me or buy a new video card, there is plenty to choose from :)

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    I have a 32meg Diamond Stealth III... That runs 3dMark at 505 with a 1.4g T-bird @ 1.57g...

    If your a gamer you needs to get rid of this card...
    If your not a gamer then the built in XP drivers are good enough...
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    I am here only to help the gamers who have this card!, I had the savage 4 pro card whe Xp came on the market and got hte problems myself, therefore I am here to help the ppl.

    I got Geforce 3 Silurio 64DDR from Abit