The "PLAY CS" screen when trying to create a game

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by SaintKaden, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. SaintKaden

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    When I try to create a game. During the loading screen in the console, it has a black 3/4 screen with "PLAY CS" on the top left causing me to unable to play because I cannot see the rest of the screen. When I join a game, it doesn't do this. The only way to disable the black screen is if I create a game, then escape to the main menu, then resume the game (this is rather annoying).

    Does anyone know how to fix this??
  2. HzrnBgy

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    I have that problem too. unfortunately, you can only have three solution for it. first, you can run CS in windows mode. secondly, in the opening dialog (the one with the CONSOLE option), click to Console, wait for a while then go back to the main screen and you may proceed without the annoying 3/4 balank screen. lastly, try to edit your CS shortcut in such a way that it creates the games automatically. i don't know the syntax (or those -de_dust -port312000 thing you put after hl.exe -cstrike.) you can ask others for it. note that when you use this kind of shorcut, you go directly to the WSAENOTSOCKET screen (or creating game screen)
  3. Winter

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    I've also noticed that if you set it up so that when you start CStrike and you have to go through the two opening segments that people usually press esc. to skip... if you leave those on then the annoying screen thing won't happen...
  4. SaintKaden

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    no fucking way u got a 18 in that game! :)
  5. Winter

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    Hmm... now that I think of it -18 is way too low... it was probably a -28... I better change that...
  6. JDogg

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    i got -10...-18 is a little low
  7. Winter

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    ??? -10 is unpossible...
  8. Sage

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    This should work

    Now I don't know if you want to try this, but I also have the same problem as the rest of you with that %#@*&^ screen. However I noticed something when I installed CS on my girlfriends computer and only used the "full update" to bring the version up to the current - the screen wasn't present. On my system I used the individual updates ( 1.2->1.3, 1.3->1.4 etc.) and the screen shows up. If you uninstall CS then reinstall and apply the complete retail update file I think you will see that the screen is no longer present.
  9. SaintKaden

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    sage i have installed the full update file and this does not fix this for me, perhaps you speak of the the Counter Strike Retail install that sells as an individual game...

    I have both but I find the retail version kindda buggy, so I went with the mod version and I've no clue why this happens ...

    thanx for the suggestion though! :)
  10. JDogg

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    i mean 10 under par....just to clear that up!
  11. dijital

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    actually, its not "im"possible.

    when you start in a game, try typing /kill in console each round for 10 rounds. that or if a server has friendly fire active, kill 10 teammates.
  12. Winter

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    My bad... I thought you meant you finished the course in 10 shots... :D

    :eek: Somebody ban this man for not catching that Simpsons reference...

    OR you could tell the server admin you slept with his mother!
  13. Bluecat

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    Take out the "-console" cvar in your target line.
  14. SaintKaden

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    well I had done that nd I guess that'll have to do, although I wish there was a way to skip those openning vids still....

    thanx man, u've been most helpful on both my posts!

  15. SaintKaden

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    Why didn't I think of it b4!

    In reply to my post and bluecats!

    I just extended a bit on the solution bluecat had, I removed that -cosole line from my shortcut, thus enebleing the unwanted intros but What I then did to remove those was, I copied the logo.avi file in the "cstrike\media" folder to the "valve\media folder" but not before renaimg the file to "sierra.avi" and another copy to "valve.avi". u can back them up if u'd like to save them for future half Life eyecandy...

    finally fixed thanx!