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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Napice, May 31, 2003.

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    Hello, Got a problem with the "old" cd writer: HP 7200E. I have a clean install of win xp and can't find the cd writer. On my other drive it is installed and works fine....Stuffed if I can remember how I did it and to be honest don't know where to start looking either. Went to the H.P. site d/loaded their win xp lpt driver that didn't work the hardware wizard in xp can't find the writer. I saw this and thought it might be very helpful:

    What you must all do is:

    1. disable DMA for the HP cdwriter to make it start working at all.
    2. I then upgraded my aspi but I think this was a red herring.
    3. go to Tesco and buy a laser lens cleaner for £3.99, go home,
    use it.... I blew the innards out with a can of compressed air first..

    4. go to and
    download the firmware version 3.09 for the Philips CDD3610,
    for this is what you have, the 7200 is just a rebadge.

    5. install it obviously then sit back and burn!!! All your CD software
    will still work the same.

    I've gone from errors all the time to none at all. The buffer
    underrun is an error which is reported in error in my opinion,
    if you get my drift, and it's caused by the firmware not being
    very good.

    I don't know what did the trick, cleaning it or flashing it but I
    suspect the flash and I wonder why HP can't offer the same service.
    Grab this flash while it's still there.

    So after all that how do I get xp to recognize that I have a burner in the first place please. :confused:
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    When I get it figured out Enyo I'll let ya know.
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    All fixed :D