the new dets are brill

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by twisterh2002, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. twisterh2002

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    the new dets drivers are brill 40.41
    must say total pain in the arse to get working properly though
    heres how i managed to do it
    install the new dets but keep getting bad fps so went for broke and reinstalled my xp pro. installed the new 4.42 via files then the new dets ,reinstalled gta 3. brill worked nice but then had probs still with the refresh rates tryed nvrefresh etc but dont work with new drivers then found a program called refreshforce 1.10 its fixes the refresh rates on windows xp what ever the drivers so here they are installed then now gta 3 works like a dream heres the file
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    I installed the 40.41 drivers too without trouble. excuse my ignorance but what kind of refresh rate problems were you having? was the refresh rate changing from let's say 60hz to 85 hz ? or what? I hear people saying they have problems with refresh rates, and I was wondering if I had them too but really haven't noticed it myself......hope not
  3. shoulin

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    if you just installed the drivers and applyed no patch you do have the problem :)....

    heh u will be stuck at 60hz

    to fix this just install the reforce and u will be back up to 100 or what ever your screen supports...

    ... by this we mean Hz NOT fps
  4. ManMountain

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    Create a .reg file and merge it with the info below. A refreshrate panel will appear :)

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00