The Koala and the prostitute

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    A koala bear has just had a good night out on the town, and is making his way home through the red light district when he's propositioned by a very sexy looking young pro.
    "What the hell, round off my night nicely", he thinks, and off to her room they go.
    After a good old bed rattling session, the Koala bear gets dressed and proceeds to head off home.
    "Errrr, aren't you forgetting something ?" asks the prostitute.
    "Don't think so" says the koala.
    "You owe me money !" retorts the pro.
    "Money, what ever for ?" asks the koala.
    So the lady of dubious morals produces a dictionary and points to the definition for prostitute - "woman who provides sexual services in return for money"
    "yeah, well I'm a koala, why don't you look that up in your dictionary"says the koala as he slips out the door. The pro flicks over the pages till she finds the entry for koala ,which reads -
    Koala : eats shoots and leaves

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Ha ha ha ha ha


    Very funny

    Nice one avsdotcom

    :p :p :p
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    Nice one avsdotcom. hehehe. :D
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    United Kingdom
    I'm a koala
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    Actually a Koala only eats leaves.

    It's a Wombat that eats, roots and leaves.
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    is tha the acutal definition?