The Internet - Too Expensive in the near future?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by stuppy, Jul 19, 2002.

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    Morning all,

    after reading the front page news today and the past few days I'm getting a bit annoyed to see that owners of companys that offer free services now, are changing that to a subscribtion service. What worries me is, with the current rate that things are being charged for/taken off the internet, I feel that its going to be not only boring, but also very expensive.

    A year or two ago, you could browse around numerous big websites for Ringtones and Logo's for your mobile phone, now, everything you have to pay for. I know you could argue that this is not really related to the internet but it does go to show that company's are taking away services that we like thinking that we would pay top notch prices for. Fair enough if you have a lot of money and can afford the extrodinary prices, but for people that are on a lower income then everybody else, its not really realistic for them to pay for something that they really enjoy, but don't really need in life, harsh.

    It wouldn't surprise me one little bit if within the next two years, The Web E-Mail Services supplied by big company's like Yahoo, Microsoft, etc will be on a 'pay-for' service.

    Another point is, although illegal, I would imagine that since the disappearance of Audiogalaxy, undoubtedly the biggest mp3 p2p program there was, there has been a drop in internet usage. I for instance did download quite alot of music from there therefore spending lots of time on there. Since its closure I have found myself 'bored' of the internet. Coming online to use icq/msn browse for information and check e-mails is now my main usage. What happens if Microsoft start charging to use MSN, or AOL start charging to use ICQ. Its an unlikely event, in the near future, but in time, who knows. If they did that, then internet usage would take a real slump, and possibly jepardise other businesses well being.

    Basically, this post is about services switching from free, to subscription. It does my head in and I think its unfair.

    What are your views?

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    Good morning! Have you punched in yet? Ah, raise the earned income credit?:D
  3. If you don't like it - Don't use it. People on low incomes work for these companies that are profiting from subscription charges - maybe their incomes will raise if successful? Just a thought.

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    Money makes the world go round. Things sure have changed since I got on the net 6 yrs ago.
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    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Hell, I remember when Uncle Sam picked-up the tab!:D
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    Companies have to offer competitive pricing for their ad space, so revenues on ad-ware services go down. Until companies can find a better way to make money, free services are going to be few and far between.