The house special

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    Out to dinner at a restaurant in Spain, an American traveler inquires about the house special.

    "Cojones, señor," the waiter replies.

    "What are cojones?" the man asks.

    "Cojones" the waiter replies, "Are the testicles of the bull that lost at the arena this afternoon."

    Beingthe adventurous type, the man decides to try them and to his amazement,he finds them delicious. They're so tasy that he returns the followingnight and orders them again. After dinner, the man informs the waiterthat thses cojones are even better than the pair he had the previousafternoon, but he wonders why the portion is much smaller this timearound."

    "Señor," the waiter explains, "the bull does not lose every time."
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    i knew it half way threw that it would be man balls lol