The game in Excel 2000?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by ZAnwar, Mar 21, 2003.

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    Was it excel 2000, where you could play this car game, if so, how do I do it?
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    Spy Hunter


    Egg Name: Spy Hunter
    Works On: Excel 2000
    Manufacturer: Microsoft

    How it Works:
    1: Open Excel.
    2: In a blank worksheet, select "Save as" and choose "Save as web page".
    3: Click on Publish and Add interactivity.
    4: Save as any name you like.
    5: Load in the page with MS Internet Explorer, Excel will appear in the webpage.
    6: Go to row 2000 Column WC
    7: Highlight all of row 2000 and press Tab to make column wc the active column.
    8: Hold the keys Ctrl, Alt, Shift and click on the Office Icon.
    9: Phew..
    10: Enjoy the egg!

    Special Notes:
    Use the arrow keys to drive your car.
    The "0" key to drop paint slicks.
    The spacebar to shoot.
    The "H" key for headlights.
    NOTE: you need DirectX for this to work

    PS I'm a bit sad it would seem too, as i've tried it. But hey!, at least it works.
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    Bugger it dont seem to work on mine i just get an information window up, is this because i have the SR1 version on XL ???
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    XP Abuser: :p I am at a school computer,k at home I run Office 2003 beta 2!

    Erbmaster: Thanks!

    indyjones: I don't now!
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    If you have Excel 97 I have a neat little trick for you. Pretty dumb and wasteful since their is probably 4 people left using excel 97 but it does work!

    Open Excel (make sure your standard toolbar is on) and choose Blank Worksheet. Then press F5 and type the following in the reference box: X97:L97

    Choose OK, press the Tab key once and you should be in cell M97. Now move your mouse over your Chart Wizard (the little blue-and-red graph thingie in the toolbar).

    Next, press and hold Control then Shift and also left-click on Chart Wizard. If done properly, you'll discover a very well-hidden Flight Simulator.

    Use your mouse to fly around, left click to accelerate forward, and right click to fly backwards. At first go slow and look for a little area that is not blue like the rest of the background. On it you will find a little story from the developers of Excel and a list of credits.

    This is a great time-waster but it takes awhile to get used to the speed controls. Good luck.