The Flames are Out

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by damnyank, Jun 27, 2002.

  1. damnyank

    damnyank I WILL NOT FORGET 911

    Petal, Mississippi
    I stumbled upon this tonight and it got me to thinking (now that is scarey) - just what is going on and how soon has the American public in general forgotten??? I must add that my flag has flown over my house 24/7 for about the past 8 years!

    The flames are out, the debris is cleared...
    From that day that we all feared...
    To remember those that died that day...
    We showed our American pride in many ways...
    We hung out the flags and made donations...
    To show our pride for our nation...

    American slogans written on cars...
    Sympathy came from near and far...
    Volunteered our time to those we'd never met...
    Hoping to aide in the worry and fret...
    We lit candles with neighbors and friends...
    Showing our pride just wouldn't end...

    Red, White and Blue was seen everywhere...
    Where have they gone, it just isn't fair...
    Is it that people just no longer care...
    Are they no longer saying those prayers...
    Are all of the flags tucked under the bed...
    Did they forget about all that are dead...

    American husbands, daughters and sons are still fighting...
    So why are the candles no longer lighting...
    Flags went out of stock in every store...
    Now they're no longer hanging by each door...
    The war is not over, their still fighting for us...
    So few show the colors, is it too much of a fuss...

    So if you're one who has put your flag away...
    Remember our soldiers are still fighting each day...
    So take out the Red, White and Blue and fly it high...
    For the soldiers at war that still may die...
    Our patriotism should have only just begun...
    Do not forget who they are and what they've done..

    September 11 will stay in our hearts
    forever, and so should our pride...


    Credits to: Linda & Tiffani D.
  2. pc_tek

    pc_tek Guest

    Forget it hell! Yes it is Life. Yes you do have to move on! But you do not have to forget it.

    Your telling him/her to forget their family members that are in the military trying to elinimate this from happening again. ummmm NO!

    I am in the military, haven't served in Operation Enduring Freedom yet, but if I do, I will do it proudly. Sheesh I hope I am not forgotten!


    my venting is done... shhhhuuuu....hehe
  3. niabi

    niabi Guest

    Pc_tek, Don't let [enter name here] nagativitie get you, i am sure there is a lot of ppl over there that still care and remember, and i am sure if you even go in the Operation Enduring Freedom you will not be forgoten.

  4. damnyank

    damnyank I WILL NOT FORGET 911

    Petal, Mississippi
    Looky here - I served in the Nam and yes, it was unpopular and even I can understand why that "non-war" was thought by many to be a waste - however it did not change the fact that sons & daughters and fathers and mothers never came home!

    But to wipe out soooo many, sooo unmercifully in one of the largest cities in "our" homeland - no I don't think it should ever be forgotten!

    And if you think so - you are a "sickie" - and I have toned what I really think of you down for the kiddies that might be reading this!
  5. emmie-chan

    emmie-chan Guest

    Hmm... this is a touchy subject. But you know, you have to respect catch23's opinion. He has chosen to forget and move on. There's no need to call him names or what not... he's probably not the only one who feels that way. I, myself, have chosen to move on. I haven't forgotten it... even if I wanted to, American media wouldn't allow it. Anyway, just wanted to put my two cents in here. I'm not condoning what catch said; however, I'm not going to criticize him either. There is no right or wrong in how people feel about things.
  6. Gouk

    Gouk Guest

    True, I think people should not dwell on the past.

    They should just think about the future and what it holds for them...
  7. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Originally posted by catch23:
    Yes it's a tragedy, yes it's terrible...but it's life...move HAVE to forget it.

    How insensitive!:eek: How can one forget such an act of cowardice?
  8. Geffy

    Geffy Moderator Folding Team

    United Kingdom
    I also choose to forget it and move on as I have done so many other times. IE I have forgotten the time that I was in the US, or bits of it anyway.

    Forget the tragedy, but dont forget the people. I doubt anyone really wants to remember the sight of aircraft plowing into the WTC.
    Remember the people. It is like the wailing wall, cherish the memores but forget the horrendous events.

    SnookBooger: Flying a plane into a building is not cowardice, I am will to say that it would take a sumpreme act of will and determination to do that.
    An act cannot be deemed cowardly simply because it does not adhere to the conventional "Rules of War", most acts of terrorism (freedom fighting), do not abey the Rules of War.

    Yes I am sorry it happened, yes I wish it hadnt happened. There is nothing that we can do about it. Except attempt to prevent a repeat occurance.

    Do not Flame for this, the best way to understand it is to try and understand the situation the people are in. They see the US as an enemy as it supports one of their enemies (Israel).
    If the middle east were left alone for about 20 years with no outside support or interference then the problem would be resolved, possibly violently, but likely would be solved.
  9. Custer

    Custer Guest

    I don't think anyone in the US (maybe the world) can forget 9/11 no matter what they say now. 9/11 is something that will affect all of us in ways that we can't predict right now. You have no choice but to carry on... but you will definately carry on in a much different way than you would have before.
  10. Geffy

    Geffy Moderator Folding Team

    United Kingdom
    Can people call it Sept 11, so that I dont look at 9/11 thinking your all gone crazy talking about 9th of November.
  11. Etakos

    Etakos Guest

    Well, most of American people forgot 250,000 dead Catholics, Muslims, and Christian Ortodox people, that died in Balkan Wars 1991-1995 ..what makes you think that 3000 Americans are worth more than 250,000 of "other"? How conveniently handy it is to forget "select" topics ..
  12. Jewelzz

    Jewelzz OSNN Godlike Veteran

    Etakos: This is only your 3rd post and already you're starting to irritate me. Everyone has a right to their opinion. If you can't discuss the subject of the thread without flaming I suggest you stay away from the more controversial threads
  13. Etakos

    Etakos Guest

    That was not a flame ..just a fact. How sensitive.
  14. Pyr0

    Pyr0 Guest

    Do not forget it.
    You must never run away from your past.
    You must learn from the past.
  15. Geffy

    Geffy Moderator Folding Team

    United Kingdom
    I could post a cynical reply to that but I wont.

    But really, it was a shame that it happened but I am also partially glad, something (sorry it had to be as bad as this) finally opened the eyes of the americans (mainly the public) that not everybody likes them. I am also glad that they are involved in fighting terrorists, I just wish they would look at the big picture and freeze the Funds and Arms that find their way to the IRA from the US.
  16. JJB6486

    JJB6486 Retired Mod Political User

    West Lafayette, IN, USA
    My Opinion:

    You should move on, but never forget. You shouldn't dwell over the tragic events for too long. Eventully you should move on, but just always keep it in the back of your mind.

  17. xsivforce

    xsivforce Prodigal Son Folding Team

    Texas, USA
    Words to live by JJB. Well said.
  18. Chief

    Chief Guest

    I agree with both sides to some degree about this one. We should never forget, but we must move on. We owe it to the ones that lost their lives and that will lose their lives to move on and try to resume a normal lifestyle again. Otherwise, the terrorists have already won. But just like the Halocaust and every other world-shaking tragedy, we must move on but always keep the memories alive in the back of our mind. Dwelling on it will do more harm than good.

    *By the way, I also have had a U.S. Flag flying over my house 24/7 for over 20 years. This one tragedy did not awaken my own patriotism, it was already awakened and always has been. Most people just do not show it as openly as I and many others do. But I do not doubt that it is always there when needed.
  19. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    Could not agree more Chief, thanks for your service. :)