The Complete Emule/Edonkey Guide

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    I prefer Emule, so download emule first at

    download the latest version

    Now Download Ed2kUtils at

    Third step is to find good server lists, to find these go here

    over here you have to find HTML server lists and add them into the ed2kutils program in FILE>>OPTIONS>>UPDATE tab or add the server lists met files in the list as MET files, in the ed2kutils update section u can get lists from HTML, PHP files<-- use the Html option with these and then the MET files <--- use the MET option in these,

    Now when you have added atleast 20-30 serverlists and met files, thenpress update server list, after it updates, click on the little arrow besides Save Server list as, chose the SAVE TO MET FILE option and save it as server.met file where the emule program is located c:\program files\emule\

    now you have to download the ESSEL SUCHE program... which you should use to search Emule with instead of its regular it from

    download version 0.4.5 and put it in the Emule directory, now opten the o.4.5 essel suche program and pres the search button and put the name of the file, it searches the servers u saved in the server.met file, chose the file with most availabilities or which you want and right click and download, emule will automatically start itself
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    Thanks for the information.
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    Mmm File sharing i wonder what i can legally download of think`s not a lot !.
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    True, I wasn't sure weather to close/delete this thread or not. P2P is a hard topic to make rules etc on. As the apps themselves do no harm. And they're intended to share things, BUT we all know that illegal media can be transfered across them, but it is up to the end-user what they chose to obtain with the software.

    You could argue either side until you're blue in the face. I think this guide's ok, it's only telling a person how to setup/use an application.
    Any comments that suggest things against forum guidelines will result in the thread being deleted though.