The 'Best Windows Vista Blog' Contest.

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    WinVistaClub, in association with 'Windows Vista - The Official Magazine', is organizing a contest to recognize some of the best Windows Vista Blogs and Websites. If you run a blog or a website, which primarily focuses on Windows Vista you can submit your blog and participate. The blogs will be judged on the basis of quality of content, integrity, along with the frequency of updates.

    The Panel of Judges, comprises of:
    Steve Sinchak MVP of,
    John Barnett MVP of,
    Steven Bink of,
    Kerry Brown MVP of,
    Aryeh Goretsky MVP of,
    James Stables of Windows Vista Magazine,
    Emil Protalinski of Arstechnica,
    Barney Tormey Global Moderator at
    and myself.

    This should be a great opportunity for Windows Vista Website Owners & Bloggers to showcase their sitess. There are prizes to be won too.

    The first 100 participants who submit their Blog/Website's will also get a FREE 6 months licence of ESET Smart Security Suite.

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