The best retail hardware store?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by getslinky, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. getslinky

    getslinky Guest

    What are the best retail hardware stores in Australia?
    I'm sure people have a favourite that offers cheap prices..quality products and nice customer service?
  2. getslinky

    getslinky Guest

    For Brisbane Australia, I'm recommending


    these guys beat any price, and have the cheapest prices in Brissy.
    However their customer service is appalling...long lines, not enough staff..etc
  3. The_Schwarz

    The_Schwarz Guest

    In Newcastle I use

    plus they have an online shop that will deliver australia wide. They are fairly close to computer market prices but provide a shop you can walk into and talk if you have a problem
  4. paul_43

    paul_43 Guest

    In Sydney ... try this...

    They have things in cheap prices... but customers service is not the best I have to say.. but who cares.. once you got the hardware.. you can forget about them... of course.. if something is wrong you can always get back to them...