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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by getslinky, Aug 21, 2002.

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    What is the best dvd-rom software? I have heard of PowerDVD, where can i get that from?

    and for region hacking software, which one would be the best to use & which could be used with a Sony 16x DVDrom (found at

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    Well as far what should work with ur DVD rom drive I don't know. But I do know that most of the Dvd-rom drives I've bought came with software to play a dvd movie. As far the region thing I don't know and I also would guess that not many ppl would post the info even if they do know since mods on here will not allow posts or anything else that they deem illegal
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    eh, stuff like that is exaclty illegal. I recommend DVD genie for region free and WinDVD for dvd software
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    It must depend on the country as to what is illegal & what is not. Over here we can buy dvd players with multizone. Also we can legally put chips into the playstations.
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    i prefer WinDVD
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    As for your region problem - computer DVD players can have 2 types of region control settings -
    first is software - you can use dvd genie to get around this.
    The other is hardware - you have to be carfull with this one - most players will lock to a region after 4 disks have been insderted into it (setting the last reion as default) this sort of region protection can only be removed by changing the drives firmware.
    There are a few sites around offering different firmware for DVD drives (not sure about yours) so check out Google and see what you come up with.