the audio problems continue

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by georgejr, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. georgejr

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    So, I took out my SBLive 5.1 MP3 card and replaced it with my old one......still the same deal. Updated drivers and all. So now what? Any ideas? I have been trying to find an update for my BIOS but no luck so far.

    Here's what I am running:

    Windows XP
    eMachine 400
    20GB hard drive
    Crystal SoundFusion CS4821 soundcard

    I had read something a while back at
    about messing with your IRQs. My BIOS settings are nothing like they are on this guy's page, so how do I change mine? My BIOS is:

    AMBIOS 586 1985-95 P428472

    I hope someone can make heads or tails of this....

  2. Speed4Ever

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    What's the problem in the first place?
  3. georgejr

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    The scratching, distorted sounds you get when playing music and you opena program. While the program opens the music slows down, has all kinds of distortion. it even does it when i am downloading at a high speed
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    I'll lay odds its sharing IRQs with something else.

    Tell me, do you have a PCI IDE or SCSI card?

    Also, go to System Information, and see if the sound card is sharing IRQs with anything else. If it is, switch the card to a different slot.

    Get back to me on the PCI IDE/SCSI.
  5. georgejr

    georgejr Guest

    I switched my sound card to another slot (switched with my dial up modem) and the situation is the same. Honestly I am not sure if my soundcard is PCI IDE/SCSI or what. It is listed as "Location: PCI bus, device 11, function 0". In my Device Manager it says there are no conflicts and that the IRQ setting is 09. Thanks for your help, I hope this can give you the slightest clue as to what is happening cause i am at a loss
  6. Speed4Ever

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    Ach...I'm dense today...

    I meant to say was do you have a PCI IDE/SCSI Hard drive controlller. IOW, do you have a hard drive connected to a card in a PCI Slot? A PCI SLot is a black slot that lies horizontally on the mother board, cards will fit it and come out the back. Thats about as descriptive as I can get.

    Also, go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information. Once started, you will see System Summary +Hardware Recources. Click to go down one more to Conflict Sharing. This should tell you if your Sound Card is conflicting with anything.

    Sorry if I was confusing before, and hope I'm not continuing here :D
  7. George

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    I have exactly the same problem.
    Crackling sound whenever i put my cpu to work (use some advanced screensaver, move mouse, watch divx-es, start programs, etc.)
    My dialup modem and sound card were sharing IRQ 11 so i turned of the com2 in BIOS. No conflicts but the problem is still there. I have installed the latest drivers for all of the components in my computer ..

    MB: ECS K7S5A w/o lan /chipset: SiS 735
    Fujitsu 20GB 5400 rpm
    ATI rage pro II+ 4mb
    integrated soundcard (SiS 735)
    Athlon/TB 900MHz
    256MB DDR RAM
  8. kohoutec

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    I had exactly the same problems with a sb live platinum (old model), on an abit be62 p3 800. I was using the raid controller onboard just to achieve ata100. anyway, upgraded my mobo and cpu today to an athlon xp, and my sound is fine again. Iv seen a few ppl mention maybe its some sort of problem with the highpoint raid controller. good luck with it, it drove me mad
  9. Speed4Ever

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    Actually, part of the problem might have been caused by the fact that the SB Live hogs the PCI bus, and doesnt like to share too much.

    I'm having similiar problems at times with my Audigy and Promise ATA100, but not nearly as bad as with the Live.
  10. georgejr

    georgejr Guest

    My soundcard is sharing and IRQ (#9) with the Intel PCI to USB Universal Host Controller. Actually there are 8 things listed in the Conflicts/Sharing list but only one is sharing an IRQ. Show how do I fix this part? Thanks guys!
  11. Speed4Ever

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  12. georgejr

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    Sorry, now I am being dense. Yes, I have a PCI IDE/SCSI Hard drive controlller. I found this link:

    Is this useful? I tried to do it but it is tailored for 98/ME.
    And my soundcard is on the HCL. It's a CS4281. I put it in yesterday to see if it was simply the SBLive 5.1 MP3 card that was the problem but the same problem is there, so I am glad I didn't spend 90 bucks on the SBLive card for nothing.
  13. Speed4Ever

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    Ive got a feeling thats it.

    You've got the same problem many of us have. One of the devices is hogging the PCI Bus (most likely the sound card), so when the controller transfers data, especially in large bursts, its clogging up the PCI Bus. This will cause distortions and static sometimes. I have the same problem at times, although it is isolated to times like when I'm defragmenting or transfering large amounts of data.

    I dont know much of a solution for you, other than to switch the Hard Drive back to the motherboard IDE slot. That might fix it.
  14. georgejr

    georgejr Guest

    So I tried moving everything everwhere. Nothing. I know a lot of people are having this problem, and it obviously isn't just a problem with Soundblaster or Creative. If anyone has solved this problem please chime in and let us know how the hell you fixed it.
  15. Speed4Ever

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    Its an old trick, but may work.

    If you can get into your bios, see if you can find an option to enable the memory hole, if its there.

    georgejr, what are your computer specs (CPU, video card, the more the better, so I can get an idea of your system).

  16. georgejr

    georgejr Guest

    I use an eMachine eTower 400 i3, Intel Celeron Processor
    20GB drive
    graphics card: ATI 3D ProRage Turbo
    AMBIOS 586 1985-95
    256 MB RAM
    CS4281 soundcard
    50x IDE CDROM
    12x10x40 IDE CDR-RW
    PCI is Intel

    Hope this helps a bit............
  17. Speed4Ever

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    Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Have you switched your HDs to the MB IDE ports? You other post was kind of vague.
  18. georgejr

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    I have 2 IDE slots right up front, and I tried using them both. They are the only slots I have there. Am I totally losing you yet? I don't really see anywhere I can possibly move my cables.
  19. Speed4Ever

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    I hope I'm not lost yet :D

    Heres where I am so far, tell me if I'm wrong.

    You had your HD(s) hooked up to the PCI IDE controller. You then hooked them up to the Motherboard IDE ports. Am I right here so far?
  20. georgejr

    georgejr Guest

    My slots are both up by the Motherboard. There is one slot by itself just under the BIOS, which is where the A drive is hooked up, then two more just to the left, next to the RAM slots, where the C drive is in one slot and D and E are in the other. I didn't touch the slot that has the A drive attached, wasn't sure if that would be a good idea. It now occurs to me that may be the slot you are talking about, but I won't do anything until you reply just in case.