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    ok bear with me i am a newbie at this, my old pc wasnt worth testing but my new one is what i want to know is how do i test it, where can i get a prog that will test it and what exactly am i looking for when i do test it, i have tried sisoft 2002 and dacris benchmark but they both spoke in strange tongues and frankly made my system behave a little weirdly even when they wernt being used, how about one of you tecchie types going in depth a bit to explain some of what i am looking for

    amd 1700+
    256 2100 ddr
    gf 2 400mx (i might be wrong but someone told me my particular card was fitted with ddr) 64mb
    40 gb 7200 hdd
    5.1 creative
    dvd rw
    cdr rw
    tape and a floppy

    and can someone give me an indication of what kind of perform i can expect, i have no idea about the motherboard apart from the fact it is based on via chipsets but i do know it has a 266fsb
    as i said i am a newbie so be kind and laymans terms please
  2. Zedric

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    Not sure I got what you meant, but if its laymans terms I'd say the performace should be good, bordering on very good but not outstanding compared to any new computer.
  3. dijital

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    try 3dmark2001 se or pcmark

    you can get them from madonion.com
  4. da rock

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    another benchmark site is www.pcpitstop.com give it a try.
    btw ive built a grand total of 4 pc's so far and still considered my
    self a newbie,but we all have to start somewhere and this is a good place to begin!
  5. suty.455

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    thanks for the tips if anyone is interested i tried the pc testsite recommended by Da Rock and got an overall score of 929 if anyone else uses the site could you post results so that we can compare cheers
  6. TR!GG3R

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    theres also a prog called si soft sandra pro that gives ya loadsa info bout wot ya pc can do :)