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  1. Tinker

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    What Temps do you get while running 3DMark2001 SE?

    Mine are:

    CPU = 110 deg F

    System board = 105 deg F

    Score was 11700

  2. nuggies

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    seems ok to me
  3. jumpy

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    Damn those yanks with their farenheits and inches and what not. ;) I dont know what those temps are in Celcius, but see below for my full load temps.
  4. damnyank

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    jumpy - here is the conversion:
    To convert a Fahrenheit temperature into Celsius:

    Tc = (5/9)*(Tf-32)

    For example, to convert a Fahrenheit temperature of 98.6 degrees into degrees Celsius first subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature to get 66.6. Then you multiply 66.6 by five-ninths to get 37 degrees Celsius.

    To convert a Celsius temperature into degrees Fahrenheit:

    Tf = ((9/5)*Tc)+32

    For example, to convert a Celsius temperature of 100 degrees into degrees Fahrenheit, first multiply the Celsius temperature reading by nine-fifths to get 180. Then add 32 to 180 and get 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Hope this helps!
  5. jumpy

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    Thanks for that damnyank. Should have just found that myself, too lazy, lol. Tell george bush to change to metric, its a lot easier.
  6. Taurus

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    tinker, you might as well get used to using °C. for a couple of reasons.

    1) it's what you'll see used on just about every review site and a vast majority of users like us.

    2) this is my reason why i use °C. the computer just takes the °C reading, and (if you slected to read °F) does the reverse formula that damnyank gave... so it's no more accurate. it's actually more misleading because there isn't a 108°F, 110°F, 112°F, etc.

    just fyi. :)