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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by naheed, May 21, 2002.

  1. naheed

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    does anyone know where the temperature sensors maybe on the MSI KT266 Pro 2 motherboard?

  2. Cosmin

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    neer or under the cooler .. an image can help me to explain it .
  3. naheed

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    do u got a pic

    do u have a picture of it so i can look for it?
  4. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
  5. naheed

    naheed Guest

    where r they?

    does any one know where they are?
  6. Tbird94sc

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    take a look at the pic. thats ur cpu temp sensor. everyboard for an amd chip has it located somewhere in there.

    Because there is no internal thermal diode in AMD CPU's such as found in Intel processors, motherboard manufacturers had to resort to external devices (thermal probes) to measure the temperature. The probe is usually located inside the socket, right underneath the CPU, and it measures the air temperature inside the socket. In an effort to report temperatures as close as possible to actual CPU die temperature, manufacturers use mathematic formulas to extrapolate the die temperature from the measured socket's air temperature.

    The problem is that different manufacturers use different types/brands of probes, locate their probes in different areas of the socket, and use different formulas to calculate the temps. This results in significant variations from one motherboard to another, even with the same CPU. It is well documented for example, that Abit motherboards are on the optimistic side (reporting colder temps than actual), while Asus Motherboards are usually pessimistic (hotter than actual). Another significant disadvantage to this method is that the temperature inside the socket is highly dependant upon the amount and direction of air flow outside of the socket area.

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