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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by kokos, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. kokos

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    Can somebody tell me how or what to do for my TEAC 40x to read more than 18-22x on WinXP ?
    I tried all I knew...
    I use XP / ME dual boot. On WinME all is great: using a CD_ROM benchmark tool [like CDSpeed] it reads 18x inside CD and up to 40-41x on exterior of CD.

    On WinXP it's max 22x.

    Here's my config: Athlon 1000, VIA KT133 [EPOX], IBM 40 GB 7200 rpm [Primary Master], TEAC 40x [Primary Slave].

    Can somebody help ?

    If anybody is having a TEAC [great drive I think], how is it yours on XP ?


  2. fitfella29

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    my audio extraction rate on my teac 540 is worse on xp pro that it was on win 98 and the firmware doesnt seem to work with xp.
  3. MiseryQ

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    That 40X looks real good but you'll never acheive it... Thats MAX... I don't fully understand it but they split the cd into different sectors which buren at different speeds... The 40X is the MAX in the quickest sector...
  4. Qumahlin

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    The cd itself is not split. The problem is using methods such as CAV (constant angular velocity) and CLV (constant linear velocity).

    in CLV The CD player spins the disc while moving the laser assembly outward from the middle. To keep the laser scanning the data track at a constant speed, the player must slow the disc as the assembly moves outward.

    in CAV the disc rotates at the same speed, regardless of the radial position of the pickup. The relative speed between the data spiral and the playback head increases as the pickup moves outwards.

    This is why the drive is "split" of sorts, it is to ensure accurate data reading and such :)

    As for the actualy problem at hand LOL, have you tried using any of the tweak programs or such to change the windows read speed from the drive and the prefect tail? if you need help with this just ask as I've made this message long enough :)
  5. fitfella29

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    how can i change the windows read speed or what programs can i get to change it?