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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by crono_logical, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. crono_logical

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    How would I make it so Windows never forces them onto two lines when I have like 30 or so windows open? I'd prefer them all on one line without the scroll thing, even it it means only half an icon visible for each one (which is enough for me anyway).
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    im not sure you can make it so you cant scroll if you have 30-odd windows open... which is a bit of a arse cuz microsoft says "you can have like 1gb of ram now with Windows XP!!" and we go "yay!" but when we go to multitask to the extent of using the 1gb of ram, we go "boo!" cuz it doesnt actually work the same way i.e. scrolls the tasks on the bar etc.

    you could use the grouping function if you dont already (which i spose is microsoft's way out) but that sucks so badly...
  3. Rootz

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    buying a higher res monitor? extending your desktop on more screens?
  4. Tinker

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    Have you tried using "Group similar taskbar buttons". This will allow you to have many windows open in a single task bar and then you can select and scroll the group.........
  5. crono_logical

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    Nah, don't like the group similar buttons, there's tha extra click to get to some windows then :p Not that it'd hide much for me anyway.
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    Hi crono_logical

    You could try Crazy Browser

    Crazy Browser is a powerful Web browser. It has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task.

    Hope this helps you