TallyGenicom Dot Matrix prints pages out of order

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Punkrulz, Apr 16, 2007.

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    Hey guys,

    We're having a strange printer problem that the manufacturer is unable to address. We have implemented (2) TallyGenicom LA650+ Dot Matrix printers here at my client that the finance department uses to print their reports. On one of them, we have one user who's having an issue in regards to the order of which documents print. Every now and again, her printer will begin printing reports out of order. Example: 10 page report begins on page 5, goes through page 10, then continues again on page 1.

    I know this is not a user issue, because this user can continually print on the other TallyGenicom printer and not have any issues. The manufacturer originally told me that for the port settings, this printer cannot use RAW, however has to use LPR mode. What's the difference? Furthermore, if the problem occurs again, the only way I can {temporarily} fix it is by changing the LPR Queue Name, typically adding another character at the end of it. Once doing so will resolve the issue for a period of time.

    For printing, what is the difference between RAW and LPR mode, and how would it control how the printer is printing pages in what order? Normally under these circumstances I would feel that this would be a software issue, but when she prints from the same application to the other printer and everything is fine, I suspect it's the printer itself.