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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by alloy25, Sep 18, 2003.

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    I am using system mechanic 4 pro and wen I do a Defrag it gives me this message...

    I have WinXP pro ...So how do I do A Scandisk and find out wat the problem is ??

    My h/drive is only 1 month old and it is a wdc...wat eva that is??

    Plz Help:(

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    WDC could mean Western Digital - Caviar, but I really am clutching at straws here tho'.

    To analyse/repair a disks surface you can get directly to the disk management ".msc"
    by right-clicking on "My Computer" then choosing "manage", look down the list to the left,
    and you'll see "disk management"
    You should now be able to analyse/repair any damaged sectors etc (or at least mark them bad).

    Checkdisk and Scandisk perform similar functions (with the exception of cross-linked files etc)

    I think it's highly unlikely though that you have any serioius disk surface corruption yet due to the age of your drive. If there is RMA it!.

    Hope this is somewhere near your ball-park m8 ;)
  3. alloy25

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    Western Digital is that good??

    Where in disk management are the scanning options....See pic..

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    All that is saying is that it wants you to do a scan disk before you defrag. It dose'nt mean the drive is bad, it could be a file or something you have on the drive causing the error - it's nothing major and real easy to do ..
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    run Check Disk, Open My Computer>Right Click on the Drive and select Properties>Select the Tools Tab and Click Scan Now under Error Checking. It will probably say the drive is in use and do u want to schedule it on the next restart, choose yes. Then restart your comp.
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    You could always use Western Digital Lifeguard utils to do a more comprehensive check.