synthcore error - 9995

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by dellison, May 21, 2002.

  1. dellison

    dellison Guest

    When I run a simple game on xp I get a message that says "synthcore error-9995". What does this mean and how do I fix this annoying problem?
  2. Jewelzz

    Jewelzz OSNN Godlike Veteran

    What game are you playing or trying to play when you get this error?
  3. Tbird94sc

    Tbird94sc Guest

    do you have a soundcard? is it working properly cause when i looke up Synthcore i got this:

    "The sounds are created on a sound-synthesis engine called SynthCore"

    thats a sound card engine. try reinstalling the drivers for the soundcard
  4. dellison

    dellison Guest

    I get the error msg. when I run e-games or internet games that I download. Yes, I have a sound card. I'm running a Compaq Presario 1.2 G. PC
  5. Tbird94sc

    Tbird94sc Guest

    reinstall the driver for the soundcard. if you got a compaq and dont know how to do it back up your data and do a system restore