Swapping Mobo with XP

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by 95GSX, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. 95GSX

    95GSX Guest

    I am switching from a asus 266e board to a soyo dragon 333 platinum. I have xp installed right now. Is there a correct way to swap these components without doing a whole new installof xp?

  2. Skwowwy

    Skwowwy Guest

    If you're doing a major hardware change, you must reinstall your OS. Otherwise it won't work properly, even if you uninstall the drivers and let XP reinstall them again according to your new motherboard.

    Catch23 recommended that to many users who did a big hardware change, so yeah. :) Just reinstall XP after switching the motherboards.
  3. 95GSX

    95GSX Guest

    Thought it would come to it, thanks for the confirmation :)
    Now to move on with my 9 billionth xp install :rolleyes:

  4. Zedric

    Zedric NTFS Guru Folding Team

    I think a simple repair might do the trick. Worth a try.
  5. Skwowwy

    Skwowwy Guest

    I don't know about that, seeing that the actual drivers won't be replaced. Only the system files and OS dependent drivers. Nothing else.
  6. shoulin

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    swap mobo, then repair windows :) simple i have done it pleanty of times
  7. 95GSX

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    yeah, swapped them and it booted up first try, but I think just for sake of making a ghost image I might reinstall.
  8. RobbieSan

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    a repair may work.. it's worth a try.. but, a fresh install may be the best way to go.. only one way to find out..
  9. dijital

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    skowwwy is right. i've replaced big hardware and the best way to solve any conflicts is to reinstall.
  10. lynchknot

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    It was either bring this old thread back up or start another. One way or another I could have been "tomatoed" for bumping an old thread or not using the search feature. So anyway here goes.

    I have swapped my Biostar MB w/ xp2000+ for an Abit NF7 with Mobile Barton (I'm using 500 watt PS). You guessed it, Blue screen at boot. I thought perhaps someone here may have a suggestion (trick) that others have not thought of. I do have "miniPE" with many features and it does boot into that.

    I know a clean install should do the trick but I would really hate to install all those apps I have and reconfigure my desktop to my liking. It's such a hassle. How about an "over the top" install - will I have my desktop intact? Thanks for your responses.
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