SW: Pod Racer in WinXP?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Hugh Magoo, Jan 11, 2002.

  1. Hugh Magoo

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    I bought the repackaged "Lucas Classics" version of this game when I was running Windows ME, and now it is the only game that I have that doesn't work with XP. I wouldn't mind playing it when I'm drunk.

    It crashes before leaving the desktop after the splash screen is displayed.

    my system should be all up to date, and I am using a fast system with Radeon 3276 drivers, Herc GTXP 3.02 drivers, Via 4.37 4n1's.

    I have tried the compatibility feature briefly with no success.

    I have gone to the website, but found nothing.

    I have heard that someone has the original version working.

    so if you or your grandmother know how I could get this to work, give me an idea.
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    Nuts if only I had seen this 24 hours ago, as I had the CD at home last night, didn't make it with me back to uni, would be interested to konw if anyone has got this working tho!