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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Marshal, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. Marshal

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    Trying to fix my friends computer, she ( Well she is beautiful so I can't say no..) get's an svchost.exe runtime error. That is, after se loggs into XP.
    This error pops up a couple of times, then the whole thing just freezes. You can move the mouse though. But it's not helping.

    My thougt was, replace svchost.exe, and try again.
    any idea anyone?
  2. BonyTony

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    I have had a look around and have no solution for you yet (others may offer some ideas),but if you have spent a while on it you could just try to repair windows a full guide on how to is Here
  3. Marshal

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    Thanks for the guide.
    I've already passed it on to my friends.
    But sadly, I think we're talking reinstall here.
  4. yoyo

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  5. davemega1

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    evry time you reboot , afterwards go to windows manager and "end sychost network " process , it winges a bit , but stopps the comp. freezing , dont ask me why but it works
  6. Octopus

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    before you begin re-installation, did you scan for viruses?and before that what about firewalls? some of them prevent svchost.exe from running like ZA.
    also see Event viewer for more information. maybe she disabled an important thing in services.
  7. yoyo

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    If I understood the post right, Marshal's beautiful friend can't use Windows at all, because everything freezes right after logging in. So probably no eventviewer or access to firewall settings.
    Did you try to boot into safe mode or log in to another user account? Does the error message give any further details? Were there any major changes before the error occured?