svchost.exe is hanging

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PCandNetworking, May 28, 2002.

  1. On one of my XP Pro machines, the svchost.exe is using 99% of CPU!! If I login to Administrator, I am able to kill the process, but this is only a temporary fix. Once the machine is re-booted, the problem occurs once again. This is a SYSTEM process. What can I do to fix this??
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    Sorry to ask a silly question, but are you sure it's svchost and not system idle process?
  3. No, I'm sure it's not the system idle process. :rolleyes: That's ok though, I always asume the stupid things first also. ;)

    Here's a screen shot just for verification though.
  4. This system is a Gateway that we purchased a few months back, so I tried using the On-line Chat help on Gateway's site. The only thing they came up with is that they told me to run scan disk and defrag. :rolleyes: If this was 95/98/Me, I would believe that this would be the solution, but this is XP Pro for gods sake. I ran defrag for the hell of it, but no change. :( I may have to roll this sucker back to factory and re-install the applications.
  5. GOT IT!

    I couldn't do anymore with Remote Desktop to fix this problem, so I had to got to the site to fix it. I explored many options before I went, and I was down to 2.

    #1) run Last Know Good Configuration


    #2) run System Restore

    Well, #1 was the solution. An easy fix, but spent alot of time trying to solve it. :rolleyes: