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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Punkychan, Aug 17, 2002.

  1. Punkychan

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    This may sound ridiculous.., but anyway I have 2 similar PCs
    IBM with 900Mhz,40 Gb, 512RAM, CD RWs and running XP Pro.(They were my ex office's PC actually).I was thinking of 'combining' both PC to make it into one without 'dismantling' all parts but just by 'connecting' it together to make into 'my super PC'.Is there a way ???
    Please don't laugh at this idea..but..hee..hee..hee....serious !!
  2. DrMetallica

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    LOL. No i doubt you can.
  3. paul_43

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    ... network them and use another harddrive as well.. and you can setup a domain.. and run applications there... but if you only want one pc... you better buy a new mother board that will take 2 processors and you can put all your Ram and harddisk into one machine... that sounds better..
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    actually... he might be able to run em together... but the amount of time/resources/money you are going to spend doing it is not worth it I think...

    you can just buy an athlon mp setup and get your 2 cpu's...

    yes supercomputers employ plugging in a whole buncha cpus together to crunch numbers... but you have to realise that saving a million here and there is the main idea... supercomputers designed specifically for the market such as the CRAY take a lot of time and money... so its cheaper to make one using older rigs recycled and plugged together..