Sudden Shutdown

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Supergroover22, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. Alright, I have the following problem:

    I have installed XP on:
    AMD Athlon 1800+
    Asus A7V-E
    Asus Geforce 3 Ti200
    512MB DDR
    300W Power supply
    Network card
    ISDN card
    PCTV card

    Everything worked fine for about 1Hour. But when I tried to install some programms he just suddenly shut down. No error report or anything, just a complete shutdown. And the same problem also occured when I wanted to install WinXP again, during the installation screen of XP, just before he is going to copy the installation files.

    I already tried:
    - Something with the Virtual Memory
    - Shutdown Mcafee Virusscan

    Please help me with this, because it is quite annoying when your PC suddenly shuts down.
  2. Streamer

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    yes..its very annoying. sounds like one of your programs might be casuing the problem? Any chance we had some hardware driver/additional programs added like virtual drives or anything of that nature. After installation of a program did the system go into sudden boot when it was done installing? Any "not tested by microsoft" window warnings during the installation of these programs? All in all..a little more info is needed :)
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    Maybe something else to look at. Are you monitoring your temperatures?
  4. Well,

    I had some drivers who were not windows certified.

    I actually used some downloaded games. Where you must install the game and after that you run the Setup.bat and then they inject all the sounds and stuff like that.
    And the shut down was always at the same point.

    I got the same problem when I installed only the drivers. But then again the problem didn't occure when I installed all the drivers one by one and testing after install.

    And no, I'm not monitoring tempratures. Any idea how I could do this?

    I also thought that my 300W Power supply isn't sufficient, because it lookes like the power just cuts off.
  5. Streamer

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    300watt power supply should be sufficient enough..but that doesnt rule it out. I had some of the same problems after installing daemon tools and another one called WinonCD. I removed them and it stopped happening. Wasnt able to burn worth a crap til I clean installed again. Any coincidence here between what i used and what you got?
  6. Streamer

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    there is a program called motherboard monitor. moniters that whole thing. unfortunatly i do not recall the url but i am positive you can google it and come up with it.
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    Make sure you have do not automatically restart set in your startup and recovery section in the system advanced properties

    that way you should get a blue screen that will tell you what caused the comp to reboot or such

    if the comp doesn't give you a bluescreen at all..and doesn't reboot just completely shuts down where you have to manually restart it, that means something is wrong with your hardware..most likely the cpu or mobo.