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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by mupp, Jun 14, 2002.

  1. mupp

    mupp Guest

    Hey...can anyone help me?
    When i try to install StyleXP 1.00 final i get this error...i have no references to TGTSoft or StyleXP in my registry or Folder System...can anyone help?
    XP Home version 2600
    256mb Rambus RDRAM
    Intel P4 1.6ghz
    i dont think u need any more info

    Can anyone help me out?
  2. mupp

    mupp Guest

    heres some more info...
    i had it before and it worked perfectly until one day where the themes would not come up i went into the program and i got that error when trying to apply a theme...i uninstalled it and removed all instances of TGTSoft, Style XP from folders and registry...and still get that error...sent an email to TGTSoft a month ago and still no responses...any ideas?
  3. mupp

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    nm....fixed it myself....thanks for all the help you guys gave me :mad:
  4. gordow

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    could you please tell me how you fixed this as i have been having the same problem and message