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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by DannyTip, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. DannyTip

    DannyTip Guest

    After running style xp for about i week i started recieving an error and i could not enable it. I thought id try and uninstall it in the hope that if i reinstall it would work. But now when i run setup i get the following error message...


    Anyone got any ideas how it could be fixed without a reformat ?

  2. Iceman

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    Sorry, DannyTip that error means the expiration time on the trial has expired. you just can't uninstall it and then reinstall it, and try to get another 30 days.

    2 options, buy the program, or get the hacked uxtheme.dll from TGTsoft's own website.

  3. DannyTip

    DannyTip Guest

    Ok thought it might of been that actually when i realised it was actually a trail lol :)
  4. DannyTip

    DannyTip Guest

    Right ive started to install the patch thing from there website but ive got a bit stuck. Where it says......

    7) Assuming your system directory is c:\windows\system32 go into the directory c:\windows\system32. Rename uxtheme.dll to uxtheme.bak or some other name. Copy uxtheme.pat to uxtheme.dll.

    Ive done all the other steps fine and ive renamed uxtheme.dll to uxtheme.bak but i don't understand what i means by

    "Copy uxtheme.pat to uxtheme.dll."

    Please help quick :)
  5. firehawk

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    Just copy the uxtheme.pat file to the \windows\system32 directory and rename it to uxtheme.dll. It's just a different way of doing the same thing.
  6. munkeex

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    my first actual post

    it means rename uxtheme.bat to uxtheme.dll but also dont foget to go to the dllcache folder and delete the uxtheme.dll first or else it wont work.

  7. DannyTip

    DannyTip Guest

    Cheers thanks all sorted now :)