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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Admiral Michael, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. Admiral Michael

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    Well I didnt really want to make a new thread but this is driving me nuts. I bought a Logitech Cordless DesktopĀ® LX 700 and its been great til now!

    It doesnt seem to process combination key presses well if at all. I cant do CTRL + C or CTRL + V without something screwing up. Now lemme tell you what I have done, changed batteries, tried connect several times and redid the secure option all to no avail.

    The base is less then a foot away and sits besides a magnatically shielded speaker (Logitech Z560) and has not caused any problems before.

    I am in short of reinstralling setpoint in the morning. O and by the way, the cordless mouse works very well.

    What else? Its plugged in via USB, has its own adapter (base for charging), recharged batteries, think thats it.

    Thanks in advance,

    Admiral Michael
  2. sharob

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    Sydney, Australia
    Just been having problems with two Logitech Mouse/Keyboard combinations myself; MX700 and MX900. Both would work for a while then stop for a period of time before starting again. WhatI noticed is that they seemed to be competing for resources with something else in my computer (it's the only way I can describe it). I also noticed that the devices were both connected with a USB connection and a PS2 connection. I've removed the PS2 connection and no more problems (touch wood Heeeeeeeeee - I hope I don't regret posting this!). You could try the same thing with the LX?
  3. falconguard

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    is this bluetooth, RF, what and at what frequency?
  4. Heeter

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    I have always had my Logitech Combo MX700 Mouse/Keyboard on the PS2 connectors. The way I figure, I am never gonna overpower the PS2 data transmission speeds with a mouse/keyboard, so why use the USB. I have absolutely no problems gaming as well, and getting into the BIOS (I could never get into the BIOS using the USB connectors). This is using the default Windows drivers as well, never used the LogitechCD either. My "hot buttons" across the top work fine as well too.

    Maybe just using the PS2 connectors might be the way to go for you, Admiral Micheal

  5. Admiral Michael

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    It's RF and no idea on the frewuency. I use USB becuse I have to bypass my KVM due to Setpoint not seeing the keyboard's extra keys. I just ran a USB extension to the kwm and plug PS2 only when I need to use the LVM.

    I have thought of trying PS2 or maybe another USB port.
  6. ShepsCrook

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    Yeah. I've had the same problem with this same combo. The LX700 is a nice set but there are some setbacks. Another problem I've seen is that the Mouse dies VERY quickly.
  7. Admiral Michael

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    What kind of setbacks? and did you keep yours? Mines been over 2 months so I can't return it.