Strange Geforce 2 Problem..

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by eminem910, May 7, 2003.

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    I upgraded my Geforce 2 200mx to a Geforce 2 GTS or Pro.. and i installed 43.45 drivers from nvidia.. and then i tried 43.45 drivers from asus.. but no matter what.. i cant play videos . or games like Unreal Tournament or tactical ops. i get this error "microsoft runtime library: abnormal program termination".. what i dont get is. this didnt happen with my Gf2 200mx..

    should i try old drivers? or is there a fix . thanks
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    Have you upgraded to Direct-X 9 yet? Quite a few problems have been seen by people upgrading to DX9. I have had some video overlay issues with the newest WHQL certified nvidia reference drivers and DX9.

    In any event-

    For the GeForce 2 series, my suggestion would be to use the 28.32 drivers. I have owned almost every series of GeForce cards and I have found these drivers to work the best for me with the GeForce 2 series of cards. Completely uninstall any old video card drivers on your system and install the 28.32, I think you will be happier with them. Newest is not always the best!

    28.32 - WinXp / 2000

    28.32 - 98 / ME
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    ok i installed the 28.32 drivers.. still nothing.. now i tried to play a .wmv movie. and i was able too at 640x480 resolution.. at 4 bit color.. wtf!!.. this card must be severely damaged.. i got it from a friend.. think i could still get it repaired? since its not a bad card.. or could i update the bios features?

    because this is retarded.. should be a lot better than my 200mx.. once again thanks to all who help =)
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    Do you have another "BOX" that you can put the Vid Card in? Try that and see if it works, if it does not then maybe the card is damaged. Also pull the card out of your system and reinstall it.

    I also run a Geforce 2 GTS on my system but I am using the 30.82 drivers and I also have DX9 installed with no problems. The machine at work is a XP OS with a Geforce GTS also with the same drivers I installed at home and DX9 and IT also has no problems.

    It may be a damaged card or it's not making good contact in the AGP slot.
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    ok i'll have to look at it.. seems to have good enough contact for pictures.. but not for videos
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    ok well it works sort of.. plays movies and games fine. but certain drivers cuz it to bug out.. 43.45.. i think.. asus or nvidia drivers. i forget which. its weird..