Strange error reports on boot up

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Sneakydude, May 1, 2003.

  1. Sneakydude

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    hi, maybe you guys cab help, i get a bluse screen sometimes when i turn on my computer, it says that windows will not start in order to protect my computer, it suggest i update the drivers on my video card, or bios, or what ever the bad drivers belong to,

    it says stop: (0xc0000005) 0xf8b5927, 0xf8984c84, 0xf8984984,

    im not sure if all the numbers are accurate, put you get the picture, what do those numbers mean? do those numbers go with a type of driver?

    i get the blue screen once in a while, ive been ignoring the probem for too long i think,(more than a month) i dont want anything to fry so thats why im asking for help:p
  2. Shamus MacNoob

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    Your system specs would help some here

    And can you tell us what your doing when this happens ? is it random or are you playing a certain game? or running a certain app?
  3. Sneakydude

    Sneakydude Guest

    it happens when i boot my computer, it wont even go to windows, ill get a blu screen with the error message, i reboot, and it loads windows fine, then after a couple more times ill get the same error.

    amd athlon 1.2
    512 sdram
    128mb radeon 8500
    sound blaster
  4. dai

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    try reseating your ram and video card
  5. Gus K

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    Or trying another stick of ram.