Stopping XP reinstalling ,stock Nvidia driver

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Sux, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. Sux

    Sux Guest

    When installing a later Nvidia driver a message sayes remove all the old ones,which I do from add/remove programs,but of course
    when I reboot XP puts the signed Nvidia driver (that came on the XP install disc) back on without asking.
    How do I stop this happening?
  2. TechSupport

    TechSupport Guest

    remove the driver and boot into safe mode, then install new drivers from there??

    or press F8 pre-windows boot screen and choose "Enable VGA Mode" (i think it is)
  3. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    XP's roll back drivers

    means that you can have many display drivers installed on top of each other : - without any problems

  4. TechSupport

    TechSupport Guest

    aye... thats a good thing about XP - but when I do a clean install of XP and install the new dets, it says "setup found existing drivers installed on this system" - I just click "OK" and continue through install anyway - it works fine - no problems with installation or operation - I just make sure the AV software is installed AFTER the drivers lol
  5. RaWShadow

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    Yes you can stop it. Theres some nvidia files in the windows folder
    you just have to delete these and xp will not install the drivers when you reboot. :) I cant remember what the files were. but i will take a look
  6. RaWShadow

    RaWShadow Guest

    ok. i think i found them. you will need to delete the following files in c:\windows\inf
    The folder is hidden so in folder options, view, select show hidden files and folders. click ok.

    ok. so goto windows\inf and delete the following (make a backup of them just incase)


    That should stop xp installing its own nvidia drivers.