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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tetherton, May 14, 2002.

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    Hi all....I just recently replaced my old Motherboard (a Trigem SantaFe) with a FIC AZ11EA board. I have OEM Windows XP on my hard drive (a 40gb Samsung) and no boot/recovery disc. My system is as follows:
    FIC AZ11EA (new)
    AMD Athlon 1.4 (old)
    3- 256mb of ram (one new,two old)
    40 gb Samsung HDD (old)
    VisionTek GeForce 4 Ti4600 (new)
    Creative Labs Audigy Gamer (old)
    Lucent WinModem (old)
    LiteOn DVD (old)
    HP CD/RW (old)

    The NEW/OLD refers to if it came out of my old system or not...My old Mother board didn't have a AGP slot and I was using the integrated Savage Pro3 GPU.
    I have uninstalled/Disabled evrything I could. When I turn on the new system it freezes upon startup.If I try to start it in Safe Mode it scrolls down to the following line and freezes......


    I'm not sure if it is an error or driver problem. I'm thinking it is an old driver from the Savage card. I found it and deleted it but it just froze on the previous line.


    Any help would be appreciated....As I'm at a total loss
  2. Lonman

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    A new motherboard is THE largest upgrade you could do. The best solution when putting together a new system or replacing the m/b is to do a clean installation. In affect, it's like you took the hard drive from one machine and put it in an entirely different one.

    You need to do at least a repair installation. Because your installation files are on your harddrive I'd suggest putting your old system back together and burning a cd that you can use.
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    Ok guyz and dollz (yes you, Jewellzz ;) ), I need some help helping my buddy here. I've been helping him through remote assistance the last couple of days and found out some interesting stuff. He has an HP Pavilion XT983 system that he wants to replace the motherboard and video adapter in, cool! Problem, HP doesn't ship any kind of hardcopy software with the system... they've created a hidden, restore partition on the hard drive... that's IT. The part that's really got me buggered is I can't get into it to see if there's anything viable in it for later use. I've determined that the best course of action is to set the hard drive up using the manufacturers utility (Samsung SV40002H is the drive) and starting completely from scratch.

    My question... does anyone know how to access this partition? It's nearly 5gig FAT, yes FAT, how they created a fat partition that large is beyond me :confused:. Partition magic shows it as being at the front of the drive... no drive letter (and I can't assign one). Any and all ideas welcome.

    FYI. He had to get another copy of XP so I told him to go with pro. I ran setup while his current installation was running and it came back with a error message that there were no valid partitions on the drive :confused: We are close to wiping that baby clean and starting from scratch so if you have an idea, I need it no later than tomorrow... after that all this is moot.
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    no clue man, i'd go with the full makeover.
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    you try fdisk to see it you wont be able to do much with that partition after a new mb, it wont start the win install cause the bios wont be hp or something like that, id recommend he get a copy of what hes using (xp, me) and reformat the drive completely fdisk it reformat, and then make what partitions you want and install windows from another cd.
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    A friend of mine had that very same problem. It's on most (if nnot all?) HP machines.

    I think there must be another way, but he too did a complete fdisk + forrmat.

    HP, Dell, Compaq and other prefab machines are pure horror for anyone who likes to be in control of their system instead of the system being in control of the OS and software.