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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cryptmagic, Dec 5, 2003.

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    I run all the spyware programs, but they redownload in a day. How do i stop them from coming back. Perfect Nav is one of them and all of a sudden it becomes 5 spy programs and keeps increasing, but i cant seem to find what is downloading them. I have 3 computers that have this problem and i dont know what to do. Spybot helped, but they came back a day or 2 later. I dont want to have to format, all these computers.
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    if they redownload, then chance is your going to a website that puts the spyware back. if you have run adaware and spybot and it clears you out, then it's done it's job.
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    Use Spyware Blaster to block the loading and installation of web based spyware and IESPY-AD to block access to known bad sites.
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    Is there anyway to undo security certificates? For example if u click on the certificate, and it downloads the spyware. Is there anyway to delete those certificates, so that next time u go to that site it wont automatically download it, but prompt u. Also
    it downloads a program called download plus, and i think that program downloads all the other programs.
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    Its not a certificate its a ActiveX control.

    Remove the controls from:

    C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files

    Spyware Blaster will stop these controls from prompting you.

    Did you check to always trust the company? Is that what you need to undo?

    Spyware Blaster should cover "download plus" and will stop the control from running.

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    i once had spyware which periodically reinstalled itself...problem was it wasnt properly removed by my antispyware apps and the sucker reinstalled itself when my context menu came up... I had to manually find & delete the dll which was reinstalling it..