SpyBot - Search & Destroy v1.4 RC1

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  1. Lee

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    SpyBot - Search & Destroy v1.4 RC1

    What's New in This Release:

    · Added Opera folder profile directory
    · Fixed default value handling in registry entry recovery
    · Fixed always opening on settings page
    · Fixed localization of IncludeServices checkbox
    · Fixed status bar text after SysInternals scan
    · Fixed Host Redirect fix result for duplicates
    · Fixed another selection bug
    · Added Save/Load View Report settings
    · Improved proxy handling to allow @'s in username
    · Protection of exclude lists against tampering
    · Main app now can detect changes to itself
    · New /unimmunize CLP
    · Updated system startup database usage
    · Made settings password dialog to masked
    · Changed Immunization to use encrypted file
    · Updated ActiveX & BHO icons
    · Implemented immunize undo value
    · Added uninstall confirmation dialog
    · Added shredder confirmation dialog
    · Update result icon for cache
    · Updated availability of SysInts excludes remove option
    · Now uses better server for first update contact
    · Added button to stop update downloads
    · Added VeriSign certificate (for additional contents check)

    Source, Further Details & Download

    G.U.I. Looks good, see here
  2. ZeroHour

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    Sounds cool. Good find
  3. skizo

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    Is it just me or does Spybot S&D completely suck?

    I can run Spybot S&D and might find a couple of things (if any at all), then run Ad-Aware SE immediatley afterwards and it will find like 20 things.
  4. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    if you run adaware first doesn't spybot find addtional?...these are mostly cookies by the way

    the programs complement each other...they're free, run both

    I never get positives on my box from either program
  5. Lee

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