Splinter Cell patch 2

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by neo, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. neo

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    here's the list of fix



    - The 3D Sound button in the Sound config area is now properly
    activating/deactivating 3d hardware sound acceleration/positioning;

    - In Shadow Projector mode, the shadow filter design was changed to
    LOW/MEDIUM = 2x2, HIGH = 3x2, VERY HIGH = 3x3 depending on the value
    of Effects Quality in the video settings menu;

    - Holding or Pushing CTRL while going back to the main menu no longer
    bring you back to a cube map with a default texture;

    - Laser micro success/failure computation fix;

    - Benchmark mode ;

    - No more guard/unguard, check/uncheck to speed up performance;

    - No more Shadow Details in Shadow Buffer mode (that setting was useless
    on GF3/GF4Ti/FX cards);

    - No more bugs submitted to EPIC;

    - 800x600 is now supported by 32 MB video cards;

    - GeForce 256, Radeon 7500 cards and Xabre 200/400/600 cards (with 3.11
    drivers) are now officially supported;

    - Night vision fix for several graphic cards;

    - Video memory optimization.
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    d/l link?
  3. Octopus

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    the PS2 version has slight changes in the maps...the PC version with ATI 9700pro gives better graphics and perfomance
  4. Vibe69

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    thats the euro patch