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    Supports 9x, ME, NT, 2000, 2003 - 32 and 64 bit XP, Vista and Windows 7

    Changes in 4.39
    - added full support for Fintek F71889F, even at unusual addresses
    - added support for a new method to access SMART data
    - added support for SCSI and SAT hard disk SMART access
    - added full support for SuperMicro PWS-865-PQ PSU
    - added full support for Winbond W83795G
    - added full support for SMSC EMC1402
    - added SHORT and EXTENDED OFF-LINE SMART TEST in SMART tab. This feature works on a number of supported interfaces and not on all of them
    - added voltage readings for Winbond W83793G
    - properly read Tjmax on Core i7 based Xeons
    - relabeled IT8512F to IT8512E
    - the tray hint is no longer updated if ShowStaticIcon is true
    - the tray icon tooltip layout is now vertical
    - added Fintek F72569DG detection

    Now I know on most modern motherboards you can adjust fan speeds in the Bios but most are just a choice of setting (An example of this is some Asus boards just have a choice of performance, optimal or silent) whereas SpeedFan can be set to exact temperatures to speed up or slow down the fans.

    You can also choose which fans speed up or slow down at different temperatures. SpeedFan can also speed up or slow down fans based on hard drive or video card temps which is unlike most Bios fan setting which normally just have choices for ambient temp and CPU.

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    Does it still brick mobos with AMD 790FX?