Speed up your old pc! And force feed back head phones? Rattle your brain lol!

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by ikester7579, May 11, 2002.

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    I was surfing the net the other day and come across this web site. I have heard of their products before and since their having a big sell on their cpu adapters I thought I would bring this information to all of yall who have older pc's that would like to bring them up to speed! Evergreen Technologies makes cpu adapters so your old pc can go as fast as 1.2 gig in speed! To find out how fast your pc can go click here: http://www.evertech.com/
    Check out rumble fx, Head phones with force feed back! I guess if you want your brain rattled while you play your games this is what you need lol.
    They even have a pci adapter that will upgrade your motherboard chipset so your old pc will go even faster. It has a cpu and memory all together.
    The sell on most things are 50% off and sometimes more!
    The cpu adapters come with cpu. and have their on multiplier and are plug and play. For those motherboards that have to high voltage settings there's a fix for that to.
    Make sure to put the name of your pc in their search engine to make sure what adapter works with your pc!
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    You want OLD? Try this one.

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    Well my first pc was a Commadore 64-128! Na your not a bone head. Then again if you paid that much for it I take that back!
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    Lightning fast 20 MHz, eh? :p

    *checks site anyway*
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    How things have changed. Makes you wonder what's next. :eek: