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    i dont know if it should be here, or at the benchmark area but the question im asking is, is there a tool,prog,webpage that has sounds for me to test my Logitech. I know it would probably depend on my sound card, which is a SB live! 5.1, but i want to know if there are webpages that have .wav or mp3 for me to test and whether my speakers can produce them or not.

    thx in advance.

    btw the new speakers i got is the Logitech Z560 so emm yea..... *rumble rumble* =)
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    It would be better to test the frequency response of your soundcard. At hydrogenaudio.org there is a .wav file you can download that will test the harmonics etc of your card. Then you use specific frequency samples to test what your speakers can output, but beware, extremely low and extremely high frequencies will destroy your speakers easily.
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    I've got Bose. If they sound good to you, they're good.
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    i agree.

    but they're still fun. i have a sine sweep that goes from 20khz down to 20hz. it neat to see where the sound starts getting produced (upper limit) and where it stops (low limit). it also shows you where you might have spikes where certain frequencies are produced louder than they should be.

    and the thx one is always fun. ;)
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    Actually there is no way to test your speakers without laboratory equipment.

    Your ears are not calibrated. You can have high end and low end hearing loss as well as notches throughout your hearing range and never know it.

    Commmon causes of hearing loss:
    Lawn equipment
    Model Airplanes
    Cars with headers and glass packs
    600W car audio amps
    Too many rock concerts
    On the job exposure

    The list is endless. The best you can do is to get several people between the ages of 16-20 together and see what they hear. Preferably not close friends so they will have a different set of hobbies and activaties than yours.

    The good news is as you get older even crappy speakers start sounding good. Sigh I used to be able to hear everything my Bose put out, a long time ago...
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    very true.

    heh, that's me. even at 23, i sometimes have a feeling my hearing's not as good as it could be. :(

    but it's all in the name of fun. :p