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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by budman643, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. budman643

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    When I try to upgrade to sp2 on one of my computers the internet stops working. The comp can still see the network and everything but no internet. Anyone have any ideas??
  2. muzikool

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    Just to check the typical stuff first:
    Do you have a good IP address, subnet, gateway?
    Can you ping outside of your network?
  3. Mainframeguy

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    are you using VPN? I doubt it from your description (what there is of it) but if you are then there are some known issues there - Can I ask one thing that muzikool did not though - how are you upgrading? With a CD? Using the Update feature online? If the latter maybe it is sucking up all your bandwidth - it will need to run a good long time and I hope you have a fat enough pipe for the size of SP2! Just a thought, but probably obvious and this is just going by your post - which does not make it obvious if you have SP2 applied - I guess you do though?
  4. xtweaker

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    You said on "one of my computers"... So I assume you have a home network? If so, how are you sharing your internet?

    Are you using a router? If so, which one?
    Are you using wireless?
    Are you using VPN?
    What kind of Internet Service Provider do you have?
    Did you try to disable the firewall of Windows XP SP2?

    We need more details here...