SP1 Killed my graphics

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by hibner, Sep 17, 2002.

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    After I installed SP1, framerate bottomed out. I have an integrated S3 ProSavage with 32 megs ram in a HP computer.
    I reinstalled XP, SP1, and new drivers. Still, the same problem. I comfirmed this with PC Pitstop. Can someone help me please?:(
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    One of to things I can think of that might be of help. Ok u have an integrated S3 ProSavage with 32 megs ram, do u know if u board as an brown colored slot on it or an empty white slot. It should be close to the cpu but not knowing the layout of an HP mainboard I not to sure. If u do I would get a little bit newer agp or pci video card in and see whats hapepens. If u can't do those reinstall XP without the SP and see if ur framerate goes up
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    I have a geforce 2 mx and sp 1 drastically lowered my performance in quake 3. I went from around 120fps to around 50. If there is no way to fix it, im just gonna get rid of the service pack.
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    i have had no such issues with my windows...

    try reinstalling your video drivers... cause if ur using unsigned drivers, SP1 may have overwritten them with working signed drivers... u neva know
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    Time for new cards...