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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by john30uk, Jun 4, 2002.

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    Iwas having problems with norton 2002 utilities yesterday not updating new updates.
    So i uninstalled norton fully including the shared dll it claimed was safe to do so.
    I decided now would be a good time for a full scandisc and defrag as the norton defrag meter would not read until i ran nortons defrag tool after i reinstalled it,so i wanted a clean harddrive to give it a good start.
    So i ran windows scandisc then windows defrag and everthing was ok so i reinstalled norton utilities and update all aspect exept this same new update for live update.
    Now i have lost the sound windows makes when i slide my volume contol up and down,it just makes a electrical clicking noise coming from my tower case not my speakers.
    After running norton windoctor it claimed 4 multimedia files were missing so i repaired and it seem to accept this.
    Still no sound for volume and i can only guess the other 3.
    I have tried going into the sounds setting and can see many setting for different applications but no volume one.
    I checked the folder WINDOWS/MEDIA and the sound i have lost are still there and i can play them with my creative playcenter.
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    Ref: Sounds ?

    It happens always, just get into Control Panel-sounds and Speeches Devices-Change the Sound Scheme-Choose Windows default if you have not made your own scheme. Just say no when the dialog box appears and click apply. This would bring back your sounds.