Soundcard Issues?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by kch1, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. kch1

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    i have a creative 5.1 soundcard but when i play games and music i notice an intermitent crackling sound sometimes appears. i have the latest xp drivers available, any ideas?

  2. RobbieSan

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    I have noticed it too and can't seem to get rid of it no matter what drivers I try..
  3. Tinker

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    What are your system specs? How much memory do you have?

    I have Audit and 768 meg PC800 and have no problem running multiple sounds i.e. internet radio and flash with sound etc....

  4. Taurus

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    Sacramento, CA
    this will happen unless you update the driver correctly. happens to me. this is what i do:

    - starting from scratch.. either after a format or at least get rid of every audigy program/driver you can.

    1) install using the cd and select only the programs (ie. surround mixer, etc) you will use. this will also automatically install the driver off the cd. reboot.
    2) go to add/remove programs and 'remove' the audigy software you just installed. when it asks you, unselect audigy drivers, but leave your programs selected so they'll remain. reboot.
    3) cancel through any 'found new hardware' windows. install the latest web driver package. reboot.

    this works for me. if it doesn't for you, you could also try moving the sound card to a different slot. i had problems until i moved it up one slot.
  5. Nick M

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    Try moving it to a different PCI slot.

    Happenes sometimes, with voltage, inteference, etc.

    :) Drivers help too!
  6. Terrahertz

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    Why not just get a Santa Cruz and call it the day. Creative and their sound issues yeesh.:p
  7. kch1

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    i've moved it down a slot but seemed to have no joy but i read something on the creative site about pci latency and setting my system to 64 seems to have solved the problem for now, i'm still iritated though might take on that suggestion about a santa cruz. just for the record i'm running 1GB of RAM (DDR333).