soundblaster pci 16 issue

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by X1Lightning, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. X1Lightning

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    I just recently upgraded my machine from 98 to XP and now my sound card sounds terriable... its super scratch and sounds like a dieing cat.... i tried the newest drivers for it from creative labs but that did not fix it... is this sound card not compatable with xp or is there something i can do about this????
  2. GraveLayer

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    Get a 5.1 SB Live! card from for like $30!!

    DUMP the PCI 16 card!
  3. X1Lightning

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    well i just bought this card like a week ago... and it cost me 20 so i dont realy want spend 30 on another sound card.... :(
  4. dreamliner77

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    I have this same card. I have no probs with it. Here's what I would do...

    1) Delete the drivers and let windows reinstall the driver (this card is supported by generic windows driver)

    2) Try moving the card to another PCI slot

    3) there is a freeware program that will test the card, I can't think of it off the top of my head, but I'll look around and see if I can find it if you need it.

    btw, there is nothing wrong with a PCI16, I do audio recording and it works just fine for me!
  5. X1Lightning

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    well after i installed xp it couldnt identify it as the soundblaster sound card.... it kept calling it some strange string of numbers and letters... and it sounded terriable.. and even after installing the new Sound blaster drivers its still working the same...

    but i will try moving it to a differant pci slot and see what happens.. thanks for the input....