Soundblaster Live: I am missing something important! Help PLease.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by C:Wow!, Mar 3, 2002.

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    A few months ago I installed an XP upgrade for my Soundblaster Live card, but I am missing something I need. I have the Audio HQ and Surround Mixer which both work fine, but I do not have the little "Recorder" to make voice recordings. I don't want Play Centre 2 and I don't nead Lava. Does the "Recorder" come with the LiveWare XP upgrade, and does anyone have the link for the XP upgrade please.

    I have been making mic and "What You Hear" recordings with the Windows recorder, but it has a 60 second limit :(
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    I have the answer now. You need to install LiveWare 3 for XP. When Creative released LiveWare 3 upgrade for XP they did not make it available as a *free* download for XP users ~ what a horrible thing to do eh? They only made drivers and other bits and pieces available free like Play Centre 2.

    After a little searching I did find a download location made possible by another kind Soundblaster user (all Windows versions btw). So if you want to upgrade to LiveWare 3 for XP PM me for the link.

    I apologise if this is not allowed in this forum. Please edit this post accordingly.

    C:\Wow! ;)
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    There was a debate a while ago about this, what exactly is ISO, what does it contain?
    I am quite happy with the default stuff that comes with it, gives me everything I need?
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    The download was some 56MB which un-packed to 98MB. Yes, it's probably a rip from the retail CD. It has Play Centre, Audio HQ, Recorder, Lava, Surround Mixer etc. An ISO is an exact digital CD copy of the retail CD. Usually warez sites 'rip' the ISO, that is, they 'rip out' only the program without the extras that retail CDs often have, like huge manuals, videos, tutorials and trials of other programs.

    I am still angry that Creative did not offer this as a free upgrade for XP users. So I am more than happy to help anyone else who wants to get the full LiveWare 3 for their SB Live! card.

    Installed and working beautifully on XP Pro btw.

    I am still new here, so you'll have to tell me what topics are allowed and not allowed okay? ;)